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How To Really Make (And Keep) Commitments

Guest Post written by Jillian Bright, author of the book “The Trouble With Wings”. I‘ll admit right away that I’m not writing this blog as someone who is an expert on commitment. 100% the opposite actually. I’m writing this as someone who struggled with commitment for the majority of my adult life, until very recently…

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5 Reasons To Love Ibiza

Ibiza is the smaller mediterannean island and has a more feminine and laid back vibe than its sister island Mallorca. You find the party crowds and famous dance clubs in the south west of Ibiza and the more bohemian towns and villages in the north and east of the island. if you drive from the…

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Cool Curcuma Summer Smoothie

TURMERIC SUMMER SMOOTHIE A few weeks ago I came across a great turmeric summer smoothie recipe, posted by my friend Madhavi on her blog  and I was excited to try it. Are  you looking for a cool new summer shake?  I love this one, so I am happy to share it here with you! Curcuma also…

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Coming Home

C O M I N G  H O M E…. I love to travel……I feel lucky that I get to travel for my work and sometimes I am being asked: „…But where is your home? Don’t you feel up-rooted if you are always on the road?“ My honest answer is no……I am excited and inspired…

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Longing for Love?

LONGING FOR LOVE? Still one of my favorite quotes……have you found the love you long for? Often we think this love is coming to us if we are lucky, yet I believe we have to make ourselves ready to receive it. Over the last couple of weeks, while leading our retreat at Anamaya and having visits…

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Winner of The Yoga Diaries Transformation Story contest

My Journey Back to Myself Posted on December 1, 2014 Name: Leah Johnson Location: Colorado, USA Occupation: Yoga Teacher

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Happy Birthday, Montezuma Yoga!

This sunday, November 30th, we will celebrate Montezuma Yoga‘s 13th Birthday. I remember so very well how I arrived here in december 2000 from New York City and fell in love……Montezuma Yoga then was born almost a year later while lying in the hammock listening to the sound of the ocean and having a moment with a glimpse…

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