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Please enjoy my selection of yoga videos, intended to inspire and deepen your home practice. You will find practices for levels 1-2 through intermediate, geared towards specific areas of your body or times of the day.

All yoga videos below are digital downloads only. No physical DVDs are sold here. For descriptions and reviews, please click on each title. Thank you and enjoy!

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If you're wanting to practice more regularly at home these meditation, vinyasa and yin videos will inspire, support and deepen your practice! Also receive FREE access to monthly MasterClasses with guest experts and myself.

I just wanted to say a resounding thank you.

Although we have never met, I feel like you have changed my life.

My mom had pushed me to practice for years, but I never enjoyed it and never stuck with the practice. I think we have to find yoga on our own time. I was a long distance runner for years, and after injuring my knee at age 20 I was looking for a gentle exercise to replace running. Little did I know that yoga would turn into so much more than exercise for me.

I started practicing and fell in love. I would follow along to DVDsand online videos. My mind, which had always been anxious and full of worry, was finally able to tap into a calmness that had previously not been available to me. Yoga became a chance for me to connect with the Universe and tap into a peace and gratitude, unlike anything I had ever known. What started out merely as a physical exercise has turned into a strong spiritual practice. It didn't take long for the physical aspect of yoga to no longer be my focus, now any changes I see in my body are just a happy afterthought.

I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon some of your Youtube videos, but I'm forever grateful that I did. I instantly connected to your videos and now, five years after I began my practice, you're still my favorite teacher I've found.

I love Costa Rica and have been several times. My goal is to come practice at Montezuma Yoga in the next year, so I can take one of your classes in person.

Thank you so much for your teachings and all of the inspiration you've given me.


Amandolin W.