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Open Your Shoulders!

Open Your Shoulders!

(2 customer reviews)


35 min – Level 1-2
Location: Ibiza

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2 reviews for Open Your Shoulders!

  1. Todd (verified owner)

    First of all, thank you for sharing your practice online! I’ve been doing yoga with “you” for about 3 years now and my personal practice has benefited enormously. Your style of instruction and sequencing is a perfect match for me!

    I love these new videos. The setting is absolutely breath taking. And the music is a great addition. My only tweak would be to adjust the music track’s volume down a bit in the Hip Opening video. Occasionally, the music makes it hard to hear the spoken instructions. But this just could be some setting on my equipment — possibly others don’t have the same sound situation. Regardless, the videos are wonderful!

    Again, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for bringing yoga from Costa Rica and Spain all the way to little Yellow Springs in Ohio (USA). The miracle of the internet!

    Deep bow your way,
    Todd F

  2. Luke

    Fantastic stuff with great introduction to pranayama. In 2010 I started doing yoga after watching some YT video depicting Dagmar doing some vinyasa flow with my back-then GF. Seven years later, we are no longer together as partners but still practicing yoga as friends. This is all due to ‘accidentally’ finding Dagmar’s free yoga video. Life changing.

    • Dagmar Spremberg

      Luke, thanks for sharing your story, that is incredible and makes me happy to hear! Yoga brings us all together, i love it! Please send my regards to your friend as well! Enjoy the videos!!!

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