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How To Really Make (And Keep) Commitments

Guest Post written by Jillian Bright, author of the book “The Trouble With Wings”. I‘ll admit right away that I’m not writing this blog as someone who is an expert on commitment. 100% the opposite actually. I’m writing this as someone who struggled with commitment for the majority of my adult life, until very recently…

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Stay Grounded During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be challenging. How to Thrive – Not Just Survive – This Holiday Season You name it, the holidays can create stress around it: Money, family, politics, food, alcohol, love. We can cultivate the best of intentions going into the holiday season, but, sometimes, things just fall apart: Fights about whose family to…

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Recipe: After Yoga Nomad Smoothie

After Yoga Smoothie:  Nourishment for spirit, mind, and body. What’s better after yoga than a delicious superfood smoothie? This Nomad Smoothie is inspired by my recent visit to Nomad Cafe in Marrakesh, Morocco. It has a wonderfully thick texture and is perfect for cozy autumn days. The ingredients are a great source of good fats and…

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Connect to the light : The Gayatri Mantra

  Connect To The Light : The Gayatri Mantra I love when our yoga practice becomes practical, when we can take the tools we learn into our life off the mat and feel a shift in our usual behavior.  One of the most transformative tools yogis have discovered are Mantras. And here is my story how I…

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Have a vision, not a plan.

Have a vision, not a plan. A friend asked me two days ago if I ever followed a plan for my life. She is studying hard and spending a lot of time (and money) on her education because she feels that’s what she is “supposed to do,” yet on the other hand her vision is…

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Recipe: Make Your Own Raw Chocolate

Recipe : How To Make Your Own Chocolate Easy DIY chocolate recipe with healthy and pure ingredients (dairy free-vegan).Try these creative chocolates with superfood ingredients that will taste delicious and look very pretty as a gift.

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10 Yin Yoga Poses For Embracing Change

The practice of yin yoga is a wonderful tool to embrace our softer, intuitive side. It helps to strengthen our intuition, which leads to more courage to follow our heart and live our dreams. You can learn to make choices by observing more clearly, by accepting and embracing change. Have you ever experienced the voice…

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