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Are You Ready For Your Next Leap?

Change is inevitable, but we all resist it. We rather stay stagnant or comfortable than feel alive. We long to have control, because it gives us a false sense of security. As yogis we learn to unravel our conditioning and our false sense of safety.

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How To Find New Strength Using Your Bandhas, The Energetic Locks In The Body

Are you struggling with arm balances?  You’re not alone, for many years I’ve struggled with crow pose and other arm balances, because I always tried to use my arm strength instead of inner body strength.  When I learned how to use the Bandhas I felt a big shift in my practice and I’m so happy…

Live Yoga Classes with Dagmar via Zoom

UPDATED July 30th, 2020 How are you? As I'm writing this post we are 4 months into #stayinghome in Costa Rica. All tourists have left the country in March and the whole world is turned upside down. I'm feeling pretty calm and optimistic most of the time, but like you I sure have my challenges....

On The Other Side Of Fear : Nina – A Story Of Transformation

How I Turned My Life Around In Just One Year  written by Nina H. and posted with her kind permission to share At the moment I am looking at myself and my life with deep gratitude. I am at a place where I feel empowered to do what ever I desire in life, and see...

Does Real Friendship exist today?

I live in the small beach town of Montezuma in Costa Rica and real friendship is sacred to me. In the last 18 years of my life here I’ve seen many tourists and expats come and leave. It’s always been a very transient place, but what I’ve also noticed is a big change in the…

How to Step Into Your Confidence

How to Step Into Your Confidence Many of us, especially women, are afraid to be confident in ourselves. Maybe we’ve been taught that it’s not an attractive quality for a woman to have, or maybe someone made us feel badly last time we acted confidently. Whatever the reason, we’ve dulled or hidden away our confidence….

5 meditation myths – and the truth behind them

Did you ever try to meditate regularly and gave up again? When I started meditation I was rather confused, there are so many methods out there and it was hard to find one working for me. I even travelled to India and did a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, which was the most challenging…