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6 Tips to Improve your Meditation Practice

The fastest way to improve your meditation practice is to see everything you do during the day as an opportunity to cultivate pristine awareness. Show up for life with eyes wide open! Show up for the small stuff especially. That’s where you want to fall asleep. It’s easy for the mind to wander when you…

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Can Eco Friendly Fashion Feel Sexy?

Can Eco Friendly Fashion Feel Sexy?  One of the things I’ve recently been even more consequent with than ever is the way I spend my money. I feel with the pandemic we’ve all realized that a) we don’t need as much as we think we need and b) it’s much better to support small local…

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3 Powerful Tips For A Thriving Love Relationship

Today I’m celebrating 12 happy years with my Beloved.  It’s been an amazing time filled with so much love and many lessons learned. I’d choose him every day again and feel so blessed that we share this journey together. It wasn’t always easy for me and for many years I struggled creating the relationship I…

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Jungle Meditation from Costa Rica (10 min Video)

One of the most powerful practices to shape your future is to sit in meditation. You can think of it as planting seeds in the present moment about how you like to feel in the near future. Do you want to feel stronger and long for connection? Or have you been trying really hard and…

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Top 12 Inspirational Podcasts for Yogis

I know a lot of us walked into this quarantine thinking how wonderful it was going to be to have all the time to do all the things we’ve been putting off. I was one of them.  But the reality has been so different for many of us. I thought this month would be a…

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Yin Yoga Practice To Release Fear (video)

Is your nervous system overstimulated right now? Yin Yoga is a wonderful practice to calm and ground yourself. It’s also a powerful tool to release fear and therefore very helpful in times of uncertainty and unrest.  Fear comes up when we are not present and rather projecting into the future. We might ask ourselves questions…

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How To Find New Strength Using Your Bandhas, The Energetic Locks In The Body

Are you struggling with arm balances?  You’re not alone, for many years I’ve struggled with crow pose and other arm balances, because I always tried to use my arm strength instead of inner body strength.  When I learned how to use the Bandhas I felt a big shift in my practice and I’m so happy…

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