3 Steps To Catch An Insight From The Universe

By Dagmar Spremberg on 02 November 2021

how to trust your intuition

Ever had a moment, a glimpse, an insight, and then you were too lazy to write it down? And the idea was forgotten when you finally wanted to remember and write it down? 

Ever thought Oh, I will sure remember later to write it down, and then boom, when you sat down it was all gone. Vanished into thin air. Forever lost in the nirvana of brain data, although you thought it was so brilliant?

Been there, done that?

Yep, I’ve been there many times, but it wasn’t until I realized, through the practice of yoga for more than 20 years, the immense value of being present that my inner guidance was slowly built and strengthened.

When you become aware of these little glimpses and when you trust that there is synchronicity in life, you will be amazed at the magic which is at play ALL THE TIME for your benefit.

How about following these simple 3 steps to catch an insight from the universe next time?

1. Learn To Listen Again

Yes, life wants to keep us busy. We spend so much time not only at work, but also being available on our phones 24/7, answering emails, scrolling through social media, so that we often miss out on the stillness required to listen to our own precious insights. Ever notice a feeling of restlessness at the end of a busy day? It’s the new normal for most of us, the system doesn’t quiet down. We need to learn to listen again. How?

All mindfulness practices, yoga, meditation point again and again to the same source: Stillness. Once you find stillness you can listen and pick up on what’s really behind a situation. My suggestion: Try to build a strict routine of screen time into your day and take regular breaks. You can even set a timer every hour to have a 5 min break, where you do nothing and just sit still or even lie on the floor. Or make it a routine before sleep to lie on your bed with your hands on your heart and belly, just feeling their warmth and your breath. Over time you will connect deeper to your inner voice.

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2. Stay Connected To Your Own Inner Guidance

Usually we first need to find our flow. When we resist and feel stagnant we usually also are not open to see any possibilities around us. The same happens when we are too attached to the outcome and want things only to go OUR WAY.

How often did you not act on your inner guidance and later regret it? 

You can cultivate to stay open to opportunities and use the people in your life who see you and want you to grow to help you stay on track.  There are many ways, and usually it takes us to soften to find our flow again. To be less resisting life by appreciating each moment. Yes also the difficult ones.

Usually life presents us with what we exactly need to learn. Can you see that when you look back at challenging moments in your past? 

3. Use Journaling As A Practice To Stay Connected To Your Inner Guide And Feelings.

Next time you have a moment, and then receive an insight or idea, don’t question it, just get up and write it down or dictate it into your phone. Have a notebook next to your bed or desk. Come back to it later. Visualize it. Locate the feeling in your body when you look at it.

Does it feel joyful, exciting? Then find a close supportive friend or mentor to help you move forward into the direction of your dream.



If I did it, you can do it too. We all have unique and amazing gifts to share with the world. Grant yourself the time to explore what yours are and get ready to inspire other people. 

Does this article resonate with you? Which one of the 3 steps to catch an insight inspires you most to practice? Would you like to share your dream or what is holding you back? Feel free to share in the comments, I love to hear from you. Let’s connect and find out how to best support you.

Much love,



This week I am celebrating 20 years of Montezuma Yoga and living in Costa Rica. Here’s a video for you if you like to get a little uplift and hear my story of almost not acting on one of the best insights I ever had in my life.



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