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Flow Through Your Life With More Ease

How are you feeling today? Do you recognize a sense of ease in your body? Does it feel light in your heart or warm in your belly?  We practice yoga to dive deeper into the asana poses. In the beginning it might be all about figuring out the shapes, we put a lot of effort…

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3 Steps To Catch An Insight From The Universe

Ever had a moment, a glimpse, an insight, and then you were too lazy to write it down? And the idea was forgotten when you finally wanted to remember and write it down?  Ever thought Oh, I will sure remember later to write it down, and then boom, when you sat down it was all…

Are You Ready For Your Next Leap?

Change is inevitable, but we all resist it. We rather stay stagnant or comfortable than feel alive. We long to have control, because it gives us a false sense of security. As yogis we learn to unravel our conditioning and our false sense of safety.

The 6 Keys To Happiness

Real Happiness is not based on external circumstances. This is one of the main lessons we receive in our studies of yoga philosophy, so how can you feel more happiness even if life is not always up to giving it?

Can Eco Friendly Fashion Feel Sexy?

Can Eco Friendly Fashion Feel Sexy?  One of the things I’ve recently been even more consequent with than ever is the way I spend my money. I feel with the pandemic we’ve all realized that a) we don’t need as much as we think we need and b) it’s much better to support small local…

3 Powerful Tips For A Thriving Love Relationship

Today I’m celebrating 12 happy years with my Beloved.  It’s been an amazing time filled with so much love and many lessons learned. I’d choose him every day again and feel so blessed that we share this journey together. It wasn’t always easy for me and for many years I struggled creating the relationship I…

Jungle Meditation from Costa Rica (10 min Video)

One of the most powerful practices to shape your future is to sit in meditation. You can think of it as planting seeds in the present moment about how you like to feel in the near future. Do you want to feel stronger and long for connection? Or have you been trying really hard and…