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6 Tips to Improve your Meditation Practice

The fastest way to improve your meditation practice is to see everything you do during the day as an opportunity to cultivate pristine awareness. Show up for life with eyes wide open! Show up for the small stuff especially. That’s where you want to fall asleep. It’s easy for the mind to wander when you…

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How To Really Make (And Keep) Commitments

Guest Post written by Jillian Bright, author of the book “The Trouble With Wings”. I‘ll admit right away that I’m not writing this blog as someone who is an expert on commitment. 100% the opposite actually. I’m writing this as someone who struggled with commitment for the majority of my adult life, until very recently…

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SATYA – How To Learn Telling Your Truth Even When It Feels Hard

Have you ever heard of SATYA – the yogic practice of Truthfulness? Imagine yourself coming home after a nice shopping day. You just spent 300$ on some gorgeous boots and you feel a bit guilty, but hey, it’s been a while since you treated yourself and so what, money needs to flow, right? Your partner…

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Flow Through Your Life With More Ease

Imagine flowing through your life with more ease, would that make you feel happy? Let’s explore some ideas and questions. How are you feeling today? Do you recognize a sense of ease in your body? Does it feel light in your heart or warm in your belly?  We practice yoga to dive deeper into the…

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3 Steps To Catch An Insight From The Universe

Ever had a moment, a glimpse, an insight, and then you were too lazy to write it down? And the idea was forgotten when you finally wanted to remember and write it down?  Ever thought Oh, I will sure remember later to write it down, and then boom, when you sat down it was all…

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Are You Ready For Your Next Leap?

Change is inevitable, but we all resist it. We rather stay stagnant or comfortable than feel alive. We long to have control, because it gives us a false sense of security. As yogis we learn to unravel our conditioning and our false sense of safety.

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The 6 Keys To Happiness

Real Happiness is not based on external circumstances. This is one of the main lessons we receive in our studies of yoga philosophy, so how can you feel more happiness even if life is not always up to giving it?

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