Are You Ready For Your Next Leap?

By Dagmar Spremberg on 03 October 2021


Change is inevitable, but we all resist it. We rather stay stagnant or comfortable than feel alive. We long to have control, because it gives us a false sense of security. As yogis we learn to unravel our conditioning and our false sense of safety.

Instead of looking for your happiness in the external world you can learn to shift your focus to your inside world. This is the only world you can control, because you can choose how to respond to life and its challenges. Will you allow life or people to make you smaller, close you down, or will you accept life as it is and still find beauty?

When we are present enough we will notice that we are somehow always being guided. We find clear signs which show us when it’s time to react and take the next leap, or when it’s better to remain still. Are you ready for your next leap? 

10 tips how to gracefully navigate changes and get ready for your next leap:

1. Take Little Steps

There is no rush, trust me, you will absolutely know when the time is right to take that decision, to make the next leap. Take little steps towards your desired change and watch for signs that things are aligning in the direction you desire.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Your friends will be happy to support you and there is nothing wrong with reaching out if you need a shoulder to cry on. Often we expect them to know what we are going through, but they might not know. So summon a little bit of courage to reach out and you will be rewarded with support and inspiration.

3. Watch For The Positive Signs Around You

Even while the world looks really dark for you, there will be some light you can find around you, like gratitude for the people in your life who are holding space for you.

woman dancing

4. Dance Dance Dance

Put on your favorite songs to get the emotions flow and move through you. It’s incredibly helpful to shake it all out, esp. when you feel stuck and want to dive under the covers!

5. Do Your Practice

What fills you with joy? Do whatever grounds you, like yoga, going for a walk and hugging a tree, watching a sunset. Gift yourself a massage or take an interesting course online.

6. Be Quiet, Feel and Listen

Only when you can acknowledge your feelings can you let them pass through you. Cry your tears, massage or tap your heart when it feels tight, breathe deeply. It can feel so liberating not to hold back what needs to move through you. Listen to the stories and voices that come up in the stillness, they are full of valuable insights.

get lots of rest

7. Get Lots Of Rest

Make sure you get a lot of rest and sleep. Your body will do what it can to balance your nervous system if you allow it. Sometimes that means to get some extra hours of sleep or to turn to restorative yoga practices like Yin or Yoga Nidra

8. Get A New Perspective

It’s so important to speak up about your fears and whatever you’re going through. It’s helpful to get a new perspective from somebody outside, so you can shift the story that keeps repeating in your head. This can be a coach or somebody who doesn’t know your background so well, like a new friend or somebody you meet on a yoga retreat. They will have a refreshing take on what might seem a repetitive situation for you.

9. Celebrate Little Victories

Don’t forget to honor yourself for staying present and not just running away or numbing your pain. Celebrate your little steps and victories. It’s so easy to focus on the things you haven’t managed yet, instead of patting yourself on your shoulder and acknowledging everything you HAVE done already. I’m sure there’s plenty you’ve done great.

10. Trust Yourself

Did you forget? You’ve gone through challenges before and YOU’VE ALWAYS MADE IT!  You can certainly do it again.

These 10 tips to navigate change may seem simple and yes, they’re nothing new, but we don’t need any new techniques or practices. What we really need to embrace change is to REMEMBER our tools and what we already know, and put them into PRACTICE. For some additional inspiration you can watch my latest YouTube video, where I share about my recent change of closing my yoga studio of 20 years in Costa Rica. It’s been quite a ride, but I’m finally feeling free and excited for new projects.

Another beautiful inspirational read is the Parable Of The Trapeze, which you can find here.

Love to hear from you in the comments and wish you a great transition.

Much love,


“There is freedom waiting for you. On the breezes of the sky. And you ask: What If I Fall? Oh, but my darling, What If You Fly?”  – Eric Hanson

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