5 Reasons To Love Ibiza

By Dagmar Spremberg on 21 November 2015

Ibiza Town at sunrise

5 Reasons To Love Ibiza

1. Bohemian Chic & Lifestyle

Ibiza is the smaller mediterannean island and has a more feminine and laid back vibe than its sister island Mallorca. You find the party crowds and famous dance clubs in the south west of Ibiza and the more bohemian towns and villages in the north and east of the island. if you drive from the most northern part to the southern tip you still only need about 45 min, so the beauty of this island is that you can see all of it in a relatively short time. Wherever you visit you will still enjoy the bohemian touch that Ibiza became so famous for, as it was discovered by the Hippies.  If you go definitely check out the famous Benirras beach on Sunday evenings when a huge crowd watches the local drumming circle, it’s quite a scene 😉

2. Great Restaurants, Organic Food & Music

You can visit many different restaurants and find good music in each of them. There are cute little beach chiringuitos as well as fancy and trendy restaurants for any style your heart desires. Some turn into nightclubs with great Dj’s after sunset and you can have an early dancing night.

Then there is a big organic restaurant scene and some of my absolute favourite places to eat are the Passion Cafe and Paloma Cafe…….and then get some of the best italian artisan ice-cream in Santa Gertrudis before heading home.

3. Great Selection Of Beaches

You can find nice wide sandy beaches as well as hidden rocky beaches. Some are with little bars or cool restaurants playing chill out music, some are quiet and peaceful. Many perfects spots allow you to enjoy the sunset or sunrise over the ocean. Most people go topless in Ibiza and it’s also very common to find clothing optional beaches. The mediterranean sea is my favorite to swim in, I can float for ever in this clear and colourful water. Pssst….this picture shows one of my favorite spots Aquas Blancas …..

4. Fun Shopping & Hippie Market

Ibiza has great shopping ! You can either enjoy a stroll through the streets of old Eivissa town with lots of cute boutiques and often reasonable prices and then of course a must is to visit the famous hippie markets. The biggest and most famous is Las Dalias on saturdays, but you can find smaller ones on different days in other villages.

5. Es Vedra & Hiking

Es Vedra Rock is the famous magical rock formation in the south of the island. Shrouded in myths and legend, Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle). Some geologists claim this is not the case, yet there is no denying the way navigational instruments tend to go haywire in the vicinity of Es Vedra, and it is almost impossible to get a direct compass reading. Even homing pigeons get confused whilst flying over the island, often completely losing their sense of direction.

Great hikes to see Es Vedra are offered via our Guide Toby from Walking Ibiza and you should definitely check it out and i promise you will feel its magic!

(we filmed our latest yoga & hang music video also with a view to Es Vedra 😉

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