What if you could change the story in your head?

The other day a dear friend of mine told me he was feeling at war with life and that he would feel the need to rest but since he had to fight this war, he needed to go on a little bit more.

It made me really speechless. What a powerful statement to make. And how sad to feel like you are at war with life? We all know our thoughts manifest our reality….I don’t even wanna go there.

It made me think. Can you change the story in your head? 

I certainly had times in my life when I felt at war with the world. When I felt not seen, not good enough, neither loved nor appreciated. What I have discovered is that there is always a story behind our thoughts, a belief from something that happened long time ago that led to this conclusion and when life gets tough, we get triggered with this story over and over again.

According to new research we have about 50-70.000 thoughts per day, now make a guess how many of these thoughts are repetitive?

A whole 80-90%! Yes we keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again in our mind and therefore in our system. Most of the time these repetitive thoughts are not thoughts of love or kindness, they are rather of the negative kind.

Why do you do this to your body? Don’t you long to be free from this stress and healthy in your body?

Whenever I felt stuck in my own thoughts, in my own story, hopeless, clueless, I turned to my teachers, coaches and other resources of support. I was so tired of my own story. Here’s what I learned:

1.You can change the story in your head and 2. You don’t have to do it all alone. 

There are many wonderful resources out there, all of the ones below are either based on my personal experience or they are recommended by very close friends who I trust.

Struggle with your work? Not following your dreams, listening to your intuition? 

Afraid to make changes and to take a step into the unknown? 

A Coach can be a really wonderful support. Working one-on-one will tailor every session to your needs. A good coach will inspire you and also hold you accountable for the steps you promise to take and help you implement the necessary changes. The best about it, they don’t tell you what to do, rather a good coach will hold space for you and ask the right questions, so that you can find your own answers, strategies and solutions. Many coaches offer a first consultation for free to see if you would even be a good match and if not might refer somebody else to work with for your specific situation.

Here are some great coaches:

Life/ Career

The Handel Group one-on-one coaching, but also a great online course to do on your own

Gabby Bernstein

Relationships/Women empowerment

Liyana Silver

Health and Food/Diet

Andrea Ramirez

Melissa Ramos

Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Yoga teacher support:

Happy Yoga Marketing

Namastream/Soulful MBA

Elena Brower Elevate Mentorship

Yama Talent

Book Tips:

Danielle Laporte     desire map

Lauren Zander     maybe it’s you

Kate Northrup    money – a love story

Liyana Silver     feminine genius

David Deida      intimate communion

Michael Singer  the untethered soul 

Mario Martinez   the mind/body self


Blogs/Inspiration :



Yoga Crush

So there is a whole world of support out there for you. What it takes in return from you is your willingness to do the work and to look at the stories you keep telling yourself….and to be tired enough to make a change.

Our retreats are always a vessel for change, we hold the space for you to be still, reconnect to your inner voice and find the support you need. Sometimes just sharing a week with likeminded people, crying, laughing, practising yoga together is all you need to make a lasting change. We have many yogis who shifted their life after a retreat with us. Are you ready for change? Join us now in Iceland or Greece.

I wish you the Best! Please feel free to let me know what has worked best for you on your journey so far, in the comments below. Share your favourite books, blogs or resources.

Thank you,

with love


  1. Thanks for this very valuable post! I can also highly recommend “The surrender experiment” from Michael A. Singers. It’s the story about his great journey about totally letting loose, looking behind his inner voice and following what life is unfolding for him. Even sometimes his ego would have preferred another direction. Which finally turns out making him in s way successful he never could have dreamed of. Wonderful inspiring book 🌸😊

  2. Thank you Bettina, that’s a great tip, i will check it out as well! Happy weekend!!!

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