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Yoga At Home – How To Create A Self Practice That Will Inspire And Last (Video)

I practice yoga for over 20 years now and I will admit: practicing yoga at home has been my biggest challenge, because I would always drop in and out of a regular practice. Sounds familiar?

It is often much easier to follow a teacher in a yoga studio or even at home follow yoga videos and while this is also a great practice, there is something magical that happens when you start taking time to find your own practice, to let your body and heart be your teacher and create a sacred space at home.

While observing myself on my mat at home, I noticed 2 main obstacles and figured out a way to create a self-practice that inspires me and doesn’t get boring.

Please watch my video below for tips and tools to create your own magical time on the mat and how to move beyond the obstacles we all face.


I wish you lots of joy in your practice and love to hear from you with any tips you like to share about your own practice! Please leave a comment below if this was helpful and if you like me to talk about another topic, I am always open to your feedback and suggestions.

With gratitude,



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