Recipe : How to make your own chocolate

Easy DIY chocolate recipe with healthy and pure ingredients (dairy free-vegan).
Try these creative chocolates with superfood ingredients that will taste delicious and look very pretty as a gift.

Do you love good chocolate? I have always been knows as a chocolate lover and on the hunt for great chocolate. In Costa Rica you can get really great organic cacao, but not good chocolate in my opinion, because most of the organic ones don’t melt in your mouth and are tasting very sandy….and who wouldn’t want to enjoy their chocolate melting in the mouth?

Plus most regular chocolate bars have been stripped of all the good and healthy ingredients and are loaded with sugar and additives, while raw cacao is full of healthy benefits, high in protein, magnesium, anti-oxidants and mood boosting compounds. So naturally I was searching for ways to make my own chocolate and it’s actually really easy and quick with the right ingredients. Let me show you how:

It’s very simple. You will need only 3 main ingredients and the rest can be played with and is optional.  Your main ingredients are cacao butter, cacao powder and a sweetener like organic raw honey, stevia or coconut sugar. Then you can play with toppings like I used in the picture: chopped almonds, cacao nibs, hemp seeds. or use dry raspberries, goji berries, pistachio, coconut flakes…..whatever you like is fine. I also like to add some organic vanilla extract.

These chocolates are very rich and intense, you won’t need to eat many to satisfy your chocolate craving 😉 And they make a really pretty gift!

Recipe: Make your own raw chocolate


1 cup of melted cacao butter (or coconut oil/butter)

1 cup of organic cacao powder, unsweetened if possible, raw if desired

1/2 cup of your favourite sweetener, organic honey, stevia or coconut sugar.

optional: 1 tsp vanilla extract, toppings like nuts, dried berries, cacao nibs


chop the butter into small pieces and then place it within a cup into a pot with very hot water, so it can melt from the heat below.

once melted place the butter into a bowl and add the cacao powder, slowly whisking it into a nice dark cream, add your sweetener and if you wish the vanilla extract.

if you have a silicon chocolate mold pour the chocolate into it, add toppings and then put it into the freezer for about 15 min. If you don’t have a silicon mold you can instead use a tray with wax paper and drop little spoons on the paper, then add your toppings and place tray into the freezer.

after about 15 min the chocolates will be hard and you can place them into a beautiful bowl into the fridge where they keep fresh for many days.

Let me know how it goes and enjoy!

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