Still one of my favorite quotes……have you found the love you long for? Often we think this love is coming to us if we are lucky, yet I believe we have to make ourselves ready to receive it. Over the last couple of weeks, while leading our retreat at Anamaya and having visits from friends, I shared many great conversations about love and it seems, it’s still the biggest challenge out there, to find love and to love ourselves better. 

So here is a reminder of some great & simple tools we can use:

1. Have a dedicated practice 

It may be your yoga practice, it may be your regular hikes into the mountains, it may be a dance class….whatever lights you up, makes you feel connected to yourself, proud of yourself, do more of it!
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2. Listening is Loving

We always think our intuition is a loud screaming voice inside of us, yet sometimes we can barely hear it, so we have to slow down and make time and space to listen.….and also become better listeners to the people in our lives. When we become better listeners, we will also become more loving and sensitive to our needs and what steps we can do to shift our lives in a more fulfilling direction.

3. Share with likeminded people 

Still one of the most powerful tools in my opinion, when you feel confused, scared, blue, uninspired: surround yourself with the people that light you up, encourage you and support you to be who you want to be. If there are people in your life that live the relationship of your dreams, just go and ask them how they do it. Get inspired, see that it’s possible, if they can do it, YOU can do it!

Please check out our upcoming retreats this summer for a week of sunshine, yoga, love, inspiration and great company!

We look forward to seeing you there,
with love


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  1. So enjoy your messages… and this one a reminder about Love. Thanks Dagmar! You light us all up with your inspirational messages and reminders. Please know that they are received, read and appreciated!

    Warmly from up north, Douglas

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