This sunday, November 30th, we will celebrate Montezuma Yoga‘s 13th Birthday.

I remember so very well how I arrived here in december 2000 from New York City and fell in love……Montezuma Yoga then was born almost a year later while lying in the hammock listening to the sound of the ocean and having a moment with a glimpse of an idea to create a website. You know, those glimpses that we easily forget and not react on, because we think we can do it later…….thank god I did react that moment, because it shifted my life into the new direction I am so grateful for today…..


I was lying in that hammock and all of a sudden my website came to me, I saw clearly the structure and images of each page…..back then in 2001 it was not yet so common to have a website, esp. not in Costa Rica, where we had only dial up internet…but the images were so clear, the name Montezuma Yoga came to my mind and I couldn’t let the thoughts go, so I finally stood up and wrote my ideas on tiny pieces of paper that were lying around.

Then my mind of course jumped in asking ” who are you now to have a website???” and my heart was telling me, “this is a great idea, it will be wonderful”

I asked my boyfriend about his opinion and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “oh well, if you think you need one, do it” – not very convincing. The next day I talked to my Italian friend Carla, who just started a website and graphic design business with her friend Belen, and of course being a passionate Italian woman she said:  ”What a fantastic idea!!!! Yes, let’s do this website, it will be amazing!!!!!”

Montezuma Yoga was born out of these little moments and I am immensely grateful!!! I hosted the first retreat with Elena Brower in 2001 and she then encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. Years later my friend Carla told me when I came to her first with my yoga website idea she thought I was crazy, but since I was her first client she had to be enthusiastic 😉  thank god she did encourage me and put my vision into my website…….

You will meet amazing people on your journey, stick to the ones who encourage you to live your dreams and to be you…….who also are not afraid to question you or ask to tell the truth, they will help you to grow.

Looking back at the last 13 years here with Montezuma Yoga, I wish to express how deeply grateful I am…it’s not always been easy….I didn’t only make friends…..but I met the most wonderful people in class and to share my passion and my voice has been the greatest challenge and gift for me. It lights me up every day!

Today I wish to thank all of my teachers and students, friends and family, who have encouraged, inspired and supported me to learn and grow and share my vision. Montezuma Yoga couldn’t be here without you!

I am full of gratitude to my current team at Montezuma Yoga, especially Silvia Eriksson who brings such wonderful grounding and loving energy to us and shares my vision in many ways. I couldn’t ask for more and I am excited for many many more creative joyful years to come………

With love & gratitude



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