C O M I N G  H O M E….

I love to travel……I feel lucky that I get to travel for my work and sometimes I am being asked: „…But where is your home? Don’t you feel up-rooted if you are always on the road?“ My honest answer is no……I am excited and inspired to find a sense of home wherever I go….I love seeing my friends places and how they live and love that I get to share a bit of their lifestyle…..

Daniel and I are on the road in Europe right now and sleep on couches, in yoga studios, in cozy hotel beds, in our families and friends homes and what makes it feel like home to us is that we are connected from our hearts. Home to me means a Sacred Space and if I can create it wherever I go, I will feel home. How do we create the Sacred Space we call home?

I don’t believe it depends on anything outside of us. We find it when we slow down and get back to a more simple life…when we take time to be with our loved ones, when we tap into our hearts, feel our longings, share what matters to us, our dreams, our visions as much as our fears. When we feel connected we can rest.

There is so much disconnectedness going on right now in the world and I deeply wish that people would wake up and realize that we are inter-connected and need to share in order to grow and expand, so we can finally feel at peace. But everything first starts with ourselves…

Here are 4 simple practices you can call upon to create a beautiful home within yourselves:

1. Go Into Nature

When we are in nature and feel the Greatness and Beauty of it, we become still, our mind chatter quiets down and we can simply BE….we feel more at Ease and connect to our inner voice that is always guiding us to a sense of home…..we can sit and breathe deeply and feel our bodies as we also connect to something greater than us: We see the bigger picture again.

2. Practice Yoga

When we start yoga we often just come for the physical aspect of it, then after a while we realize there is so much more happening. We first bring our bodies into better alignment, but it eventually leads to the longing of aligning our whole self with something bigger. We feel how energy moves and radiates inside of us, giving us a sense of connection and being alive. We feel at home in our bodies and can draw into our center when the world outside goes crazy. Have you ever NOT felt home after a good yoga practice?

3. Connect with your friends and make new ones

When we feel a bit spacey or lost, a good friend will provide reflection, feedback and support. Don’t be afraid to ask for support, you might be surprised how easy and joyful it will be given to you….nourish your relationships and friendships with the acts of giving and receiving. You don’t have to do it all alone !!!

4. Be Kind To Yourself

Little acts of kindness to yourself will nourish your spirit. Take a bath, book a massage, go for a walk or watch a sunrise. Treat yourself, slow down and spend time with yourself doing your favorite things…read an inspiring book or cook yourself a delicious healthy meal…..light candles, eat a special chocolate treat……

Sending love from Switzerland,

enjoy your summer…..



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