Chia pudding with homemade almond milk

My latest love affair: Chia Pudding with Homemade Almond Milk!!!


I am not really a breakfast person…..I get tired of eggs and try to avoid bread, yogurt & granola….so I have been searching for a really good healthy breakfast alternative and I have found it! I am so happy to share it with you, because it is so yummy and so simple!
And loaded with Health Benefits……check it out:
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A Warm Welcome To My Kula…….

Welcome to my new site. I like to share with you all things that inspire me…..from yoga to delicious food to thoughts to music and other little gems I find inspiring….


If you don’t know what Kula means it refers to a clan or tribe, a community of likeminded people. In my experience and in the philosophy of yoga this is one of the most important tools for transformation.
Think about it, what would we be without our tribe, our friends and family, the people that support us to be who we want to be, that remind us of our strength when we feel weak, the people who inspire us and lift us up, or simply hold space for us when we need it?

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