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Embracing Community: Confessions of a (Very) Independent Yogini


Yellow leaves shivered in the chilly autumn breeze. Mountains that had been sheared flat millennia ago by glaciers were dusted this morning with fresh snow. The world outside was going through its yearly cycle of letting go and preparing for winter. In just a few months winds would whip over the island at over 200 kilometers an hour and temperatures would drop to below 30 Celsius.

But for now, fourteen people sat in a circle in a toasty yoga studio watching the leaves fall outside, sharing why each of us chose to come to Dagmar and Daniel’s yoga retreat in northern Iceland in late September. Not Costa Rica or Bali. Not any warm weather beach locale. No, we chose to come to Iceland in the fall.

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A Yogi’s Guide To Prague


Prague has been on my list for years and I love to finally be here! Of course I did some research to find good things a yogi’s heart desires and hope you will enjoy my little personal yogi’s guide to Prague!

Prague is very laid back and easy to discover and explore. It is also really cheap to take taxis, public transport and to eat well and healthy. I spend 4 days here and it’s a good amount of time to explore the city. I also traveled alone and felt absolutely safe and at ease walking around day and night.


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5 Ways To Stay Healthy While You Travel


I have been on the road now for over 3 months and I love to make an effort to stay healthy when I travel. My journey started in Costa Rica and brought me to Switzerland, Spain, Germany and now Prague. As much as I enjoy to be on the road and see something new, I feel that my body can get out of balance if I don’t pay attention to keep it well nourished. And that’s the challenge when on the road, as I am sure you have also experienced many times. So what are ways to stay healthy while you travel?


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13 Yin Yoga Poses For An Open Heart

yin yoga sequence for open heart

13 Yin Yoga Poses For An Open Heart

I love yin yoga for the complimentary effects to the more yang lifestyle and yoga practices we do. Ideally we have both energies in our life: yin is the more feminine, receptive, lunar quality and yang refers to the more active, striving, masculine energy. From a physical point of view there are aspects of the body that are more yin – the connective tissue, and aspects that are more yang, –the muscles.

Connective tissue takes on many different forms within the body. It is the tissue that holds the bones together, the muscles to the bones, and the internal organs in place. It is the web that forms and connects all aspects of the human body. The connective tissue has its own intelligence and memory. It is listening and remembering our every thought and experience. Some people say that our nadis/meridians, the channels in which our energy flows through the body, are located inside this tissue. As we grow older it shrinks, dries up and becomes tight, so we have to find ways to keep it juicy.

Yin yoga is a meditative practice of reconnection and surrender.   Read More

5 Ways to Hold on to the Bliss of a Yoga Retreat

5 Ways to Hold on to the Bliss of a Yoga Retreat

As a yoga retreat comes to a close, feelings of apprehension can start to creep in. Can the calm and centeredness cultivated during the retreat — the sense that things are as they should be — withstand the pressures and stresses of everyday life?

I’ve been thinking about this question last week as I led a retreat in Mallorca. My answer is a resounding “yes” — not only can you hold on to the experience, but it can help you stay grounded through life’s ups and downs. Here are five tips to keep the retreat with you back home.

1. Establish small rituals.

Take some time each day — even if it’s just five minutes — to tune in to yourself and reconnect with the peace and clarity that you experienced during the retreat.

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6 Signs The Time Is Right For A Yoga Retreat

Even if you practice yoga regularly, a yoga retreat may not be the first thing you think of when you’re planning a vacation. Simply getting away and spending time in a new place can shift our perspective and lift our spirits — so why a yoga retreat?

By choosing to take a yoga retreat , you make a powerful commitment to yourself. You carve out time to look inward, to listen to and honor your inner voice — which can sometimes be hard to hear in the noise of daily life. You can also take the retreat with you once it ends, in the form of new friends and valuable tools for managing life’s stresses and challenges.

Still wondering if a yoga retreat is the right choice for you? Here are six signs that it could be just what you need. Read More

Raspberry, Lemon & Matcha Marble Loaf Recipe


OMG! I love this recipe, it looks really pretty and unique and the taste is very special, so if you want to try something new, love Matcha tea and raspberries like me, then check out this recipe by Mighty Matcha:

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Discover The Magic Of Yin Yoga

Discover The Magic Of Yin Yoga

I have been practicing vinyasa flow for 20 years now and teaching for 13….while I still enjoy this practice so much for its graceful flow with the meditative breath, I have lately discovered a new passion: Yin Yoga. I completed a training with Indira Kate Kalmbach and am very excited to not only practice but also share it with you in my retreats and regular classes.

We usually practice a more dynamic, so called yang style of yoga, and most of our life off the mat is actually also very yang. It’s very muscular and active, creates strength and stability, which we all benefit from greatly.   Read More

5 Reasons To Love Ibiza

5 Reasons To Love Ibiza

1. Bohemian Chic & Lifestyle

Ibiza is the smaller mediterannean island and has a more feminine and laid back vibe than its sister island Mallorca. You find the party crowds and famous dance clubs in the south west of Ibiza and the more bohemian towns and villages in the north and east of the island. if you drive from the most northern part to the southern tip you still only need about 45 min, so the beauty of this island is that you can see all of it in a relatively short time. Wherever you visit you will still enjoy the bohemian touch that Ibiza became so famous for, as it was discovered by the Hippies.  Read More

Cool Curcuma Summer Smoothie




A few weeks ago I came across a great turmeric summer smoothie recipe, posted by my friend Madhavi on her blog  and I was excited to try it.

Are  you looking for a cool new summer shake? 

I love this one, so I am happy to share it here with you!

Curcuma also known as Turmeric is nothing new to Eastern cultures, in fact it’s been known as a “healing spice” and used to help anything from sore throats, colds, flus, stomach aches to wound healing, abrasions/skin issues due to it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is also quite famous for its anti inflammatory healing properties, helps to purify the blood and liver and also inhibits cancer cell growth and prevents many types of cancer because of its high amount of phytonutrients !!! Read More

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