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Gaudan is a well known swiss renaissance artist with many creative skills in the areas of architecture, design and art.

He had the courage to spend 12 years living off the grid in the Costa Rican jungle and found his inspiration and confidence in the intuitive connection with nature and stillness.

Gaudan’s passionate stories inspire with confidence and trust in  intuition, which he generously shares to encourage others to be willing to take risks and to embrace the unknown.

When he fell in love with the Hang instrument in 2009 he  discovered its soothing and relaxing effects to enhance Dagmar’s yoga, and soon they started leading worldwide classes and retreats together, complimenting each other beautifully.

On “The Gaudan Project”, he cooperates with other musicians and performance artists to share the magic of the Hang music.



“The Gaudan Project is BRILLIANT!… will love this!” – Elena Brower



The yoga and hang music classes were incredible.  Dagmar was so in tune with what the students were experiencing and needed, adjusting the class tempo and direction to accommodate the changes in energy.  Her voice while being instructional and directive, was soft, calm and very nurturing.  I left each class more relaxed and recharged despite some intensive sessions.  Daniel’s music and energy during the morning classes was very complimentary to Dagmar’s classes.  Having live music played during the evening classes was incredible and felt so natural in the beautiful setting.  Without this music I think the class would have been much different, maybe not as restorative and relaxing.

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