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I had the great pleasure of attending a 7-day yoga retreat with Dagmar and Daniel in Tulum. What an amazing experience! Dagmar’s insightful instruction, graceful flow and beautiful energy were inspiring. And the addition of Daniel’s hang music during our sunset sessions was pure magic. It was a truly memorable week and made a great impact on my practice.

– Mitch, USA

There are no words to describe how touching and meaningful this week was for me. Apart from the unique and inspiring yoga of Dagmar and touching music of Daniel, it’s the personal experience, learnings and changes that make such a week so meaningful. Dagmar and Daniel gave us a very powerful toolkit for getting in touch with ourselves, looking at our insides and feeling ourselves. I still chant the Gayatri Mantra a few times each week and meditate more frequently now. Also the ability to broaden my self-practice was a lasting output from that week. Together with Tara, which was first of all a female goddess for me and secondly the best vegetarian cook ever, the whole week was a journey to myself. Beside the spiritual aspects I enjoyed hanging out with an awesome crowd, going to the beaches, visiting hippie markets or just being lazy by the pool. Thanks Dagmar & Daniel for this unforgettable experience and
for creating the space to make such a journey happening.”

– Inga, Germany

Experiencing yoga with Dagmar and Daniel is a magical experience that will relax your sprit, open your heart, and stay in your memories. Dagmar shares her heart and as a student you will have the opportunity to not only connect to your practice but also your travel experience. The Hang floats your body and mind into a state of bliss. Don’t miss the chance to experience these two together -simply magical!

– Julie, USA

Dagmar and Daniel hosted an amazing yoga retreat. The combination of Dagmar’s teaching and Daniel’s hang drum is absolutely magical. Dagmar’s style as a teacher is a brilliant combination of challenge and ease. Her classes flow as students strengthen their practice while simultaneously softening it. Add the mystical sounds of Daniel playing the hang drum and you will find yourself approaching bliss.

– Kori, USA

This experience left me with an amazing energy that has flowed through my veins this whole year long, and sweetened my thoughts and perceptions of the world around me in ways I could never describe. Through their music and movement, I learned new depths within myself and my practice, and felt so very much at ease; truly connected with these instructors. Daniel’s music has continued to be an inspiration to me, and I look forward to any chance to share it!

– Gracie, USA

Dagmar’s Stillness Retreat was a genuinely transformative experience. The morning was a challenging wake up class and the evening was a slower flow class. Dagmar’s loving energy really brought the group together and I think we all felt that we had had a very special week. The stillness you find in the jungle really helped with the stillness and healing we were achieving with the yoga and meditation. I enjoyed myself so much I would love to come back and do it again. Dagmar is a fantastic teacher who gently guides you through your yoga with fun and love. Suddenly you find yourself doing poses you haven’t managed before! I came away feeling strong, physically and emotionally, and I learnt a lot about myself too. It was a week I will remember for a very long time.

– Hodie, UK

First off I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for this special week that I will remember and carry with me forever. I came on a journey with the intention of learning to care for myself and know that I can survive with myself beside me through the practice of yoga and by immersing myself in nature. This wish and intention was fulfilled far more than I had imagined. I learnt how to begin to balance being in the company of likeminded people and escape into nature and the waterfalls by myself.
The yoga and beautiful Hang played by Daniel helped me understand and reveal to me this power in my body and soul that I can use now as a tool to let go and feel the purity and love.
I learned more about yoga and Ayurveda philosophy on this retreat and it has piqued my interest to go deeper in the years to come. The food and the beautiful surroundings gave such a well roundedness to the whole retreat.
All in all I feel so much happier and content. My deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you and Daniel for your commitment in sharing your warmth and knowledge with so much love.

– Shruthi, USA/India

I loved the setting, the sounds of the animals, ocean, Dagmar’s gentle and trusting voice, and how comfortable I felt inside my own body. The evening classes with Daniel playing the Hang, again brought me into a deeper state of relaxation and much deeper into my practice. It all was so dreamy. Before I came to do this week course with Daniel and Dagmar; I felt uninspired, tired, confused, exhausted mentally, bored, lost and a bit out of control in my mind. The week helped bring me into my body and out of my mind, feel energetic and inspired about life and myself, be comfortable with my energetic self, much more focused about my path and practice, and much more into the precious present moment. I am so happy and thankful that Dagmar and Daniel are a part of the web of life; you both are truly making a difference in the vibration of the planet and have made an impact in my heart! Until we meet again!

– Mary Anne, Chile

Not sure exactly where to begin with this enormous statement of gratitude to Dagmar & Daniel for my week in Ibiza.
I knew it was going to be lovely, but it exceeded all expectations. The best word to fit my week is “nourishing” – deeply. From the warm welcome, to the colourful food, the gorgeous setting, and the beautiful people that came together to share the week, it was everything I needed. I was slightly nervous about multiple yoga sessions each day, but Dagmar made it easy to return to the mat. She is a wise and multi-dimensional teacher. I must find a way to Costa Rica, but for now, I will keep my fingers crossed for that next retreat we discussed – I’m pulling for Iceland!!

Dagmar. It truly was bliss.
Thank you for giving my sister and I such a beautiful place to be.

– Joanne, UK

I have a life philosophy that I call “Roots And Wings” and I try to involve this in everything I do; as a mother in rising my son, as a partner when being in a relationship, as a leader when working together with my employees, as a trainer when coaching other leaders, as a yoga teacher and as a friend. The “Roots” stands for the grounding, the stability, the structure and the safe place we all need in different ways, inside ourselves and in our surrounding. And the “Wings” is pretty much about being creative , brave, curious, having the courage to try the things in life you long for, being open and connected to the universe and saying “YES” to life:-)
I believe that every individual and every organization and company need both Roots and Wings, and that a balance between these two lead to a joyful, happy and “rich” moment on this planet. That´s why I always try to contribute to other peoples “balance” in different ways and situations…

Sometimes I have to get my own Roots and Wings in balance… and being at the villa Can Dream, together with Dagmar and Daniel and the rest of the group was the most beautiful and joyful way to do that. The lovely, warm, strong, soft, clear and sweet yoga that Dagmar teaches from her heart, the hang music played by Daniel, music sounding as “music from the Gods in universe”, the magnificent surroundings, the nature, the healthy and delicious food cooked by Tara and the group of people from different places on earth who shared, respected and contributed to both laughs and a special calmness… What a blessing! I´m so grateful for all the inspiration, the open space and the energy injection this was.
I would totally do it again, join Dagmar and Daniel at Ibiza, or in any other place to get this positive energy again – THANK YOU, FROM MY HEART!!!

– Pia, Sweden

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