Live Yoga Classes with Dagmar via Zoom

Live Yoga Classes with Dagmar via Zoom

UPDATED July 30th, 2020

How are you? As I’m writing this post we are 4 months into #stayinghome in Costa Rica. All tourists have left the country in March and the whole world is turned upside down. I’m feeling pretty calm and optimistic most of the time, but like you I sure have my challenges. I think we’re facing a great global opportunity right now to shift old habits and create a better life for all of us. Yet change is never easy nor comfortable, we all know this.

I hope you’re finding ways to nurture yourself during these challenging times. What I’ve been finding really helpful and inspiring is to connect with so many people regularly online. I watch less news and rather choose carefully who I’m listening to these days. I’ve downloaded some great new books to study, I’ve been practicing with yoga teacher friends online and see this as an opportunity to dive deeper into my practices.

Uncertainty, and not being able to control what’s going on, seem to be the biggest challenges for all of us. What is important is that you’re kind to yourself, allowing to feel all the emotions and thoughts running through your system, and remembering your tools to ground and calm your self.

I’m happy to continue offering you live yoga classes online. I’m on Zoom and excited to meet you there, and you will leave uplifted, grounded and inspired.

​Currently I offer live classes via Zoom three times per week, stay tuned for updates by signing up for my newsletter. 

Tuesdays at 10am New York / 3pm London / 4pm Berlin Vinyasa

Thursdays at 2pm New York / 7pm London / 8pm Berlin Yin 

Sundays at 12pm New York / 5pm London / 6pm Berlin  Vinyasa

Please use the following link to sign up from your computer or phone:

Zoom has increased their security, so make sure you’ll sign in early enough via your email or facebook account, and have the password ready. Sometimes it takes a few times until you get in, thank you for your patience.

As a full time yoga instructor these classes are my main source of income. I like working with a clear energy exchange, and kindly ask you from now on to sign up for my online classes. To honor your commitment you’ll be able to choose between single classes or discounted packages that best suit your needs.

If you need a different way to pay, or if you cannot pay the asked fee, please send me an email and we can work something out. No one will be denied access to my practices.

If you cannot make it to the live online class you can now sign up for 50$/month to watch unlimited replays in a new & exclusive Facebook group only for this purpose.  Replays will be posted directly after livestream ends and each practice will remain for about 4 days, so you can enjoy it at your own pace. Payments can be made via PayPal to and once I receive your payment I will automatically add you to the group. If you don’t have facebook you can also request to receive the replay via email.

Further you can enjoy a big variety of new & free classes on my YouTube channel (Vinyasa & Yin Yoga).

Do you like to play music during yoga? I have great yoga playlists on Spotify  if you like to play music while practicing with me.

​Super excited to share and connect in this new way,

I hope to see you on Zoom, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or check the Q&A below.

With love,


Q&A livestream classes and replays:
If you sign up for a live class there is no replay, if you cannot attend the class live you can either reschedule it before class or you’ll loose it. 
Note: There is a package of 10 classes plus unlimited replays for 1 month, in case you like to try both and don’t want to miss any class.
If you prefer only the replays you can sign up for the monthly unlimited option of 50$ and then you’ll be added to the exclusive facebook group where all replays are posted after class (each for about 4 days).
For the replay option please request membership for the facebook group here:
and I will happily add you to the group.
Hope this explains it well, I’m glad you are enjoying my classes 🙏🏻😊

On The Other Side Of Fear : Nina – A Story Of Transformation

On The Other Side Of Fear : Nina - A Story Of Transformation

How I Turned My Life Around In Just One Year 

written by Nina H. and posted with her kind permission to share

At the moment I am looking at myself and my life with deep gratitude. I am at a place where I feel empowered to do what ever I desire in life, and see new opportunities and possibilities in the horizon. I am now aligned with my highest truth and my soul’s purpose. This makes me feel joyful and abundant, even if by some standards I have not yet met my goals. I am, however, confident that I will continue to conquer every obstacle on my path and ultimately live fulfilling my true potential, enjoying a new kind of emotional and financial freedom.

This was not the case before. Just a year ago I was really stressed out with my day job and felt stuck in my life. The physical symptoms included arythmia, insomnia, indigestion and panic attacks. My entire nervous system was on fire, and I could not relax no matter what. I was diagnosed with a severe burnout in October 2018. Even after the diagnose I was still trying to keep it all together, trying to continue as before. I was still very much ego driven and resisted letting go of control. The first two months I was still in the ”fight or flight” mode, trying to convince myself and my doctor that I could go back to work and continue like I just had a bad case of flu or something. She then decided to continue my sick leave, at which point I collapsed completely and had a total mental breakdown. My recovery begun only after when I finally let go of control, stopped resisting and surrendered to the fact that I was in fact totally burnt out. 

Those weeks were full of shame and self loath. I could not believe what had happened, but at the same time deep inside I felt a huge relief. I allowed myself finally to just let go completely.

There was a lot of fear, and a feeling of being totally lost with myself… I wanted to be somebody else, somewhere else.

I did not know who I was, if I wasn’t doing the things I was supposed to do. I did not know what I wanted to feel either.

In my mind, burnout is the inevitable result of living a life that is not aligned with your deepest desires and your soul’s purpose. The society, however, is designed to manipulate people to serve other purposes, and not find your own. No wonder more and more people burn out in this system.

It was during Christmas time last year, that I discovered Dagmar’s facebook group and her Cultivating Intuition online yoga retreat. I decided to join the 5 week online mentorship with her. Dagmar’s warmth and presence helped me to get centered again. Her meditations and yoga practices gave me the routine and structure, that I so much needed in my life.  Even being an energy healer and a yoga teacher myself, in my darkest moments I had totally lost all my interest in practicing yoga. Her support along with the other women in the group was so heart warming and genuine.

As the weeks passed I felt I had found something valuable – a way back to being my authentic self, a way to connect again with my body and soul.

I was able to finally feel the stress starting to melt away from my system. For the first time, I took full responsibility for my own healing and my entire life.

I made plans to leave my job in early education, and started studying integrative health coaching. The future looked bright and I was ready to discover my purpose in life.

Unfortunately the trials in my life were not completely over yet. In late January my partner was diagnosed with cancer. This was again something big I had to deal with. Dagmar and the group supported me and held the space for me to feel the feelings and stay centered. Soon after the cancer diagnose, my partner got caught up in a brutal car accident. He survived but was severely injured. After many difficult operations and several months in the hospital, he slowly returned back home and is learning now to walk again. The cancer still remains.

During these trials I also discovered I was not able to support myself financially anymore, as I was not yet able to work fulltime.  I needed to let my apartment go and find another home for me and my children. The tools that I had received from Dagmar helped me to stay calm and composed during that stressful time. At this point I knew that resisting the situation only make it worse. Instead I surrendered again, and allowed myself to feel all the feelings and emotions, again letting go of all control. From that energetic place, I effortlessly manifested a new home in just 48 hours. It felt like a miracle at that point.

So within 3 months time I had given up my health, my job, my relationship and finally my home. All the things that gave me security and comfort. All the things I had taken for granted in my life. I was faced with a situation that I had no regular income, my body was slowly recovering from burnout, I was not able to lean on my partner for anything, and I had to pack up my home and move to a new home. This was a lot to deal with. By the beginning of this summer, I had only myself to trust and turn to, as everything else was stripped away from me. 

Today I am a new version of myself. I can honestly say, that the breakdown was my breakthrough.

It was because of the breakdown, that I had to let go of my ego and start living a life that was more authentic, more aligned with my highest purpose.

I don’t know if I had been able to bounce back and find my strength again, if it wasn’t for the support I received from Dagmar and some other coaches and mentors along the way. It is necessary to do the deep inner work alone, but you must allow other people to support you in the process. 

There are always the people who are ahead of you, guiding you and holding space for you to heal. This is one of the lessons that I learned. We are all in this together. When you show up for yourself, the universe provides for you. The answers are already inside you, and you have the power within yourself to overcome anything. Healing begins when you stop resisting your situation and accept where you are. It is a long and bumpy road, but nothing feels as good as being in my own skin these days. 

Today I am so grateful for how everything turned out for me. I have left my dayjob, and started as a fulltime entrepreneur in the beginning of August 2019. I have graduated from the Health Coach Academy in December and have clients signed up for my 90 day transformational coaching program. I incorporate yoga and energy healing in my coaching programs for women, who wish to take full responsibility for their wellbeing and change their lives for a more authentic and fulfilling one. Nothing feels more rewarding to me than helping other women to rise, helping them shine instead of playing it small.

Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to talk about your current challenges. You can book a free 60 min online coaching session with me at or contact me by direct message in Instagram or Facebook. 

Everything you desire is waiting for you on the other side of fear.