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“Dagmar offers an amazing space for you to be yourself. Her classes are not easy and they are always challenging at some level, physical or mental. She knows exactly what to say to pull you into the practice- in the moment you want to day dream instead of going deeper. She gently pushes you to be a better person in life. I love that she is a seeker and asks many questions to get to know you personally. She is very genuine and real. I always feel longer, peaceful and grounded after her classes. I am grateful for meeting her and calling her my teacher. My city yoga practice over 10 years has blossomed into what I call real yoga after practicing with her in Costa Rica in her simple but divine studio. Can’t recommend her highly enough. ”

– Ozlem O.

“Dagmar’s classes are beautifully inspiring! Every detail is smooth and pleasant. She makes the Asanas flow with great progression, which makes the sweat time a piece of pie; sweet and yummy. Dagmar’s voice and eloquence gives so much peace and at the same time it challenges one’s spirit, so that the class becomes a mix of a happy physical effort with priceless pieces of wisdom that one can apply in life on an every day basis. She is always aware of each attendant; asking what one needs, how one feels, adjusting, encouraging or cheering up. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy Dagmar’s sessions, she inspires my inner goddess and my love for yoga!”

– Andrea H.

“The presence of the music was beautifully synced with your amazing flow of yoga. When I added my canvas of senses, that being the ocean, the monkeys and the smell of my favorite fragrance in bloom…. I realized how happy and blessed my life is and how much “at home” I was. Bless you, my beautiful friend. The love and light that you delivered touched me immensely.“

– Christine S.

“You are by far, my most favorite yoga teacher. I never really liked yoga, and I have tried many times, until I took your class. I never could find an authentic genuine teacher, a real sincere “yogi” who was not only an excellent instructor as you are, but also one that gives to the class herself and the life philosophies at the core of true yoga practice and way of life, as you did. I loved the quotes you read, and the words of wisdom you gave to us before or at the end of class. And I loved the variety, you always had something new each class to teach as I do get bored with the same poses and flow every time, I loved that you encouraged different levels, that flow was combined with restorative poses, and contrary to expectations, I enjoyed working with a partner at times; I was finding muscles to stretch and restorative poses I never knew existed. I loved that you called me and everyone else by first name, and gave soothing corrections with care. I loved the beauty, strength and grace of your own practice and presence. As a dancer by hobby and full time midwife, I maintain and develop my strength and flexibility with dance, and it is my moving meditation. I do my own sort restorative yoga for 10-20 minutes before bed, and meditate in the morning, always reading uplifting books to grow and develop. But your class gave me encouragement to look some more in my area for a class like yours. I have not found one yet, but will try. It also inspired me to do more retreats, and hope one day to join you in Spain for one. My favorite of the two classes was the one you did at dusk, with Daniel playing the instrument by candlelight. That was pure beauty and delicious relaxation and meditation my body and soul craves, why I came to the retreat in the first pace. You and Daniel together are a real inspiration as well…. So thank you so much for making the week at Anamaya really special, meaningful, restorative and healing.

– Anne M.

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